Teens & Adults

One in a hundred children suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Usually the disorder manifests itself by age ten…

Group Therapy

Group therapy works because it fosters connections between people facing similar life issues. Often we tend to dwell on the problems…

Individual Therapy

With practice and insight we can learn to be less driven by our fears, less reactive to our own thoughts as well as the actions of others…

Meet Melissa Mose, LMFT

Family, friendship, career, community. Your many relationships define you, shape your growth and determine your prosperity. They are the source of happiness and success, a crucial ingredient of both your mental and physical well-being. Yet all too often we take our relationships for granted.The fact is, they require effort, all of them, including and especially that most critical one of all: your relationship with yourself.

Melissa Mose MFT offers therapy services in a warm, supportive environment, guiding her clients through the myriad psychological, academic and behavioral problems that can beset individuals, couples and families. With compassion, connection and clarity we can work together to solve problems, build stronger relationships and move towards more balanced, fulfilled lives.

Meet Melissa

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