Do you or your loved one wish so bad to get rid of the traps and fears and complications of the anxieties associated with your health? We know how to get to the root of the problem. We can provide you the care you need to get back to health, join society where you can enjoy yourself and not have to be so alone.

Most people have heard the term ‘hypochondria’ and know what it means. Unfortunately, people who are trying to get to the root of their health problems, who are constantly trying to solve their way out of their problems, can often be labeled as ‘hypochondriacs’ and dismissed receiving little or no help.

People labeled ‘hypochondriac’ often go into panic when even the smallest sign of illness hits them, the slightest cough or trembling of the hands. The fight or flight syndrome kicks in, and your brain is convinced by the slightest symptoms in your body that there’s danger ahead for you.

Like many health problems, Anxiety, or hypochondria, feeds on itself. Doctors get tired of their patient constantly wanting to be checked for some type of disease, doing research on their own, making appointment after appointment and refusing to believe nothing is wrong with them. A person labeled ‘hypochondriac’ may even give up on their doctor altogether, tired of the journey to finding better health.

Anxiety. Is that not a health condition? Anxious thoughts can at times send the body’s normal processes into the red zone, causing the very symptoms that the so called ‘hypochondriac’ is experiencing. So all that guilt you’ve been feeling, if you have been labeled as ‘hypochondriac’ can just be let loose right now.

Our trained staff can help you or your loved one recognize the symptoms of health anxiety; only by a thorough assessment can we reach the source of the problem; it is only by reaching the source of the problem we can develop a sound plan to get you back on your feet and put you in charge of your life like you’re supposed to be.

Doctors, medication, all good stuff, but sometimes standard treatments treat the symptoms, not the true health condition. This can lead to misdiagnosis and missed health issues, leaving the patient in a possible health risk and definite mental exhaustion.

Our staff members have one goal in mind, find out what problem is causing your anxiety and dealing with it. If the problem is truly some type of physical disease or ailment, of course you should find the right physician to treat it. Where you go with that is up to you.

But if anxiety is causing you pain, to be labeled hypochondriac by doctors who have no idea what is wrong with you, we are here to help. We believe in you, and we believe in our ability to help you help yourself into the quality life you have wanted for a while. Contact us, like you would a caring friend.