Despite its innocuous name, Pure O is every bit as serious as other forms of OCD. Pure O hides within a person’s mind, its outward manifestations slight enough that sometimes only a trained eye can catch it.

The compulsiveness of someone with Pure O cannot be easily detected; the reactions are invasive to the mind rather than outwardly focused. It helps to have the advisement of a professional to root out the compulsions and get past the vague symptoms to effect positive change, the Obsessive thoughts that cause the symptoms.

Check, double-check, check and check again: this is the reality of someone with Pure O. Having to go over and over so many obsessive compulsive thoughts takes time and mental energy — it can be draining.

Five internalized compulsions:

  1. A reasonable doubt – Most people at some point or another check their feelings to make sure they are making the right decisions. A person with OCD is continually in doubt about their feelings, making sure they have not fell out of love with someone close to them, for example.
  2. Unreasonable reactions – Many people with OCD monitor their reactions to events or thoughts that might come at them. This constant self-assessing not only takes time, but it also often causes the person to react consciously, superficially, instead of naturally, further distancing themselves from those who might otherwise be concerned.
  3. Reasoning by sensations – The Pure O form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder often encourages a person to evaluate their obsessions using the senses, another form of self-assessing that can send someone with Pure O into a continuous and unhealthy, almost never ending train of thought.
  4. Unreasonable repetition – If you’ve ever had a song stuck in your head all day, imagine someone with Pure O. In many cases, a person with Pure O mutters sentences or numbers all day, unable to separate useless information from valuable. Without that recognition, the unconscious mind has difficulty concentrating on what is important.
  5. For no good reason – Do you really want to wake up each day and immediately start self-assessment to make sure you are thinking, responding, and feeling appropriately? The very act of continual self-assessment, in itself is a huge hindrance to feeling normal, reacting normally, and getting a fresh look at life each day.


The Pure O purge:

The first step to helping yourself or a loved one overcome Pure O, or any other type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is to seek help. Putting it off because the outward signs are not obvious can be a tragic mistake. The symptoms of Pure O are often slight, but you don’t want to be unaware of Pure O until the first noticeable signs emerge as some type of self-debasement or self-harming.

What can be a seemingly unsolvable maze of complications to those caught up in the nightmare of Pure Obsession can be recognized and dealt with objectively, releasing you from your nightmare of worries and second guessing yourself. Contact us for a free consultation to get started.