Because adversity is a non-negotiable fact of life and because people struggle with that in a variety of ways, my work over the past 22 years as a therapist has been focused on helping people find their individual path to peace, clarity, authenticity and strength. With practice and insight we can learn to be less driven by our fears, less reactive to our own thoughts as well as the actions of others. Through developing the ability to pause and think before we act, we can pay attention to all of the parts of us that want to be heard, make better decision and ultimately feel better about our lives.

Some good reasons to seek help include but are not limited to times when:

  • You are frequently arguing with significant people in your life
  • You are not feeling like you are able to an effective parent or partner
  • You often feel overwhelmed or “out of control”
  • You are feeling a great deal stressed about work, personal life, parenting and/or relationships
  • You are having difficulty expressing your feelings to others or communicating your needs effectively
  • You are worrying excessively a lot about many different things and feel the worries are creating problems in daily living
  • You feel like you haven’t been “yourself” for a long while
  • You would like to understand and resolve past trauma, pain or loss
  • Your performance at work is suffering due to your emotional or relational life
  • You feel sad, lonely, and/or hopeless and are ready to feel better
  • You feel anxious about something and can’t “let it go”
  • You wish to make a positive change in your life and/or school/career, and you know what you want to do but you can’t seem to do it, or to get motivated or focused

Do You Require Immediate Help?

If you (or a loved one) are having suicidal thoughts or have expressed suicidal intent or the intention to harm someone else, you should call 911 or go to your nearest hospital IMMEDIATELY!